Bat Research Benefits Species and Students

I know it has been a long time since I last posted a blog entry. I have lots to share about the past few months. My time has been split between my research efforts and data processing, helping a fellow graduate student and a local bat biologist with their field work. I will post photos and updates about those projects soon, but I wanted to share a story about bat research at Humboldt State from the Humboldt State now blog.

A few weeks ago, we were accompanied into the field by a professional photographer and videographer. It was a relatively slow night in terms of bat captures, but we were able to demonstrate most of our techniques and show off some of the beautiful local bats species. They did a great job and were just as enthusiastic about the wildlife as the rest of us!

There’s also a video highlighting the beauty of working in the redwoods, as well as some great shots of the bats. Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back soon with more details about recent activities.

Link is here –> Bat Research Benefits Species and Students

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